Weed Dealers

weed dealers


Stuck in a bucket


I don’t know why, but my chickens are really good at finding buckets and turning them over on themselves.  Even the feed bins.  Then they well…die… or they are lucky enough that we find them before they pass.  My kids are good about checking buckets overturned now.  Yes, we have that many buckets around our place.  When you have kids doing chores, and me for that matter…there are buckets.. everywhere.

The Beginner

The beginner

This cartoon was my first experience with my new herd.  We didn’t have all of our fencing up and I thought, No problem.  I had it on good intention that I would simply graze the sheep by just standing out there with my shepherd’s crook.  They looked passive and submissive for the first little while.  Then one let out a BAAA  and all of a sudden they were jumping through and over me and there was not a thing I could do about it.  And there they were happily grazing on my neighbor’s hillside. I’m on to their wily ways now.  They are not to be trusted.