Thank Ewe- One Year

This time last year, Farmer Out Comics launched it’s very first comic. We (the animals and I) would like to Thank You Farmer Out style. We are over 800 Likes just through you sharing.
Thank you all for laughing with me this year as I have coolly tread through farming with a marker in hand. After all, how else would I have anything to draw if I had nothing insane going on outside. Have you farmers ever paused to consider that no one in their right mind will ever have a day like you? I mean, when you go out with your friends (if you have “normal” friends, and you actually make it out the door) – does anyone ever say they are exhausted from a day of artificial insemination of cows, castrating lambs or scrubbing out rabbit cages? No. That’s what I thought. But you say it- as they stand by in horror and question their loyalty to your friendship. Here’s to another year of a dog languishing in skunk, cow anarchy and worthless sheep decisions. I will be there to sort them all out. And maybe, if I have time, I will go inside to draw them and sip hot cocoa.
– Farmer OUT

 thank ewe.png

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